Can Hillary Clinton still win? Unlikely, but possible

This comes after last week's win by President-elect Trump when he won the election by electoral votes and not the popular vote like his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Pro-Clinton or anti-Trump protesters - take your pick - may adopt the slogan "not my president", but the electoral process that has guided our country worked exactly as designed and produced margins that don't engender notions of a successful challenge.

As the world now knows, Wheeler was right, and the polls got it wrong.

While that is concerning to a majority of Americans, the notion of a President Trump has instilled panic among his detractors. I refuse to place partisan sentiments over my desire for a better America.

The percentage difference between Clinton (45.9) and Trump (45.0) in Clinton County, the only North Country county Clinton won Tuesday. But the bigger problem is the near impossibility of predicting who will actually cast a ballot. Blanco, who is himself a Democratic state lawmaker from El Paso, said that his group's exit polling showed that 61 percent of Latino voters saw the GOP as hostile to their interests.

A November 8 story by Tamman ran under the headline, "Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning".

Yet not all women will have reacted this way to Trump's victory.

"I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that", Trump said. What is truly deplorable is the "celebratory" acts of racism that have been occurring all over the country since Trump's victory. The way to win is to run better campaigns and better candidates under the existing rules, not try to change the rules after a painful loss. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, considered reliably Democratic, swung Republican.

Tuesday's vote was technically not to make Trump president, but only to determine who the 538 electors in various states across the country will be. "The votes that happen to be cast in battleground states, the half a dozen states that decide elections, clearly count much more than votes" in reliably Republican or Democratic states.

In Arizona, voter turnout models were easier to predict, said Republican pollster George Khalaf.

The 2016 election was as much a referendum on his legacy as it was on the candidates themselves. The current effort to lobby the body has been foreshadowed for months running up to the election, with some arguing that electors should return to their role as wise politicos exercising their own judgment to save the Republic from someone his foes say is a demagogue.

Clinton's campaign manager released a statement saying she would most likely not be speaking that night. It is important to note that due to all these reasons even those who were not going to support Trump did not want to vote for her.

Commenting on confidence in the USA election process, Foley went on to say: "statisticians talk about confidence levels: that notion that we can be 95 percent confident or 99 percent confident or 99.9 percent confident".

Political parties, not provided for in the Constitution, led to the 1800 election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams being "thrown" into the House. Little do these people realize the manufacturing jobs they desperately wish to bring back have become a thing of the past.

Trump's plan for his presidency seems simple enough: end corruption, reinforce and improve our legal immigration policies, uphold our basic constitutional freedoms and renegotiate trade with our partners and allies. "It's imperfect. We have to rely on imperfect models, and sample surveys are imperfect". It was the composure and dignity with which this intelligent, eminently qualified woman delivered these words, having lost an election to an ignorant buffoon with no credentials to speak of, that made watching it such an emotional experience. Illegal immigrants in the United States, especially Africans and Latin Americans should be wary of tighter and strict anti-immigration laws targeted at them.

As for Wheeler, he said he was not going to let the polls decide the election, and they did not. As my day went along I realized that escaping into my privilege wouldn't help me because my tears did not derive from fear for myself.

This same sad tale had played itself out in the Brexit vote and in the rising tide of white nationalist parties gaining strength in Europe; but it is, if anything, even more risky in the USA because of the country's size and the leadership role that America has played in the world.

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