Super Dragon Ball: Episode 67, Zeno landed, unveiled the trailer!

Goku-'Dragon Ball Z

With their fusion, Dragon Ball Z fans have been dreaming about the return of Vegeto and this battle being the flawless timing.

Latest news and updates regarding "Dragon Ball Super" centers on the former episodes aired, the current and the forthcoming episodes as well. There are notions that Son Goku will immerse himself with the Saiyan power, but Vegeta would contradict it.

With Zamasu's villainous plot still on the roll, unity is vital for all of the characters of "Dragon Ball Super". The animation was smooth, the camera angles were ideal, and the fight between the two fighters was choreographed perfectly. Zamasu face? the end is near, so strongly next week! Apart from this, a certain limit has also been given to the potara earrings themselves, as they are only able to handle a certain degree of power.

There are speculations that Zamasu merging with Black Goku has some negative effects that Goku and Vegeta have to find out, in order to defeat him. Nothing has really been confirmed as of writing, but fans are nearly certain that this is where the Future Trunks arc will go. What can fans expect in the upcoming two episodes?

It's been a long time coming to this point. Avid Dragon Ball Super fans even remarked that the final moments of Future Trunks' battle, which were augmented by strings and choral music, were nothing short of flawless. The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 was just as interesting as Episode 66 itself, with the Omni-King making a brief appearance in the teaser. Goku he has found the ultimate solution to overcome Zamasu? a new Goku crisis threatens and others with Zamasu who lost his do body will they have no choice but to abandon But Goku finds something in his pocket ...!? "Bye-Bye Zamasu!" Apparently, the said episode will start a new story arc as it hints that it could be the end of Zamasu. Since the return of Future Trunks and the arrival of Goku Black, week after week we've been through a insane adventure that is about to reach its end.

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