Microsoft browsers lose another 40 million users as Firefox climbs back

A popup ad that promotes Windows 10's Edge browser and Bing Rewards.  	  		Credit	  		  		Brad Chacos

Now, with over 40 million users leaving the company's browsers in just last month, the company is back to its old tactics.

Reports pointed out that popups that showed up above the Edge taskbar icon tried to convince users of third-party browsers to switch to Microsoft apps, so it's no surprise that many described these as ads. Users can now understand Microsoft's desperate measure, of reminding users how profitable it can be if they'd used Edge instead of Chrome or Firefox. The company would suggest that Edge is faster and drains the battery slower than the other two.

"As we continue to improve Microsoft Edge, we want to inform our users of great new features that are available both in the browser and throughout Windows 10".

These recent ads are just another attempt from the Redmond company to convince users to use Edge, a browser that has slowly evolved since it was released in 2015, but with which Microsoft made a capital mistake when it chose to release it in a bare-bones version. This time around, it doesn't make any attacks against the rival browser.

The objective of the extension is very straight forward for anyone who is a member of Microsoft's Rewards Program and it notifies you with a simple icon to confirm you are actively browsing with Microsoft Edge and earning points.

In order to use this extension, you must be signing into Windows 10 and the Windows Store with the Microsoft Account that is tied to your Microsoft Rewards account. Get free movies and games with Microsoft Edge.

As reported by PCWorld, Microsoft has started to nag users with ads even if they have taken steps to disable their appearance.

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