How Does The Electoral College Work? It's Okay If You're Confused

That would see the Electoral College result change from to 268 to 270, thus denying Trump victory and handing it to Clinton.

If Trump wins the five toss-up states and the Republican and Republican-leaning states, he'll be up to 259, which is still shy of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to secure the presidency. Not only do students have to chose a candidate to vote for, but they also have to question whether their vote matters and how it gets carried out by the Electoral College.

The Electoral College process begins by selecting electors in each state.

Hillary Clinton will not be the first woman to receive an Electoral College vote.

Without the Electoral College, everyone's vote would count for the same amount, and that is what a democracy really means. Suggestions ranged from congressional election to election by state governors, to electors chosen by state legislatures, to a special group of members of Congress.

Before 2000, there have been only three other instances of the United States presidential elections, when candidates who won the popular vote lost the electoral vote and the presidency.

The United States presidential elections, set to take place on November 8, 2016, are less than a week away.

The pro side argued that the electoral vote should be replaced.

Voters are in fact, voting for "Electors" to represent their state in the US Electoral College.

Polling More than 120 million Americans are expected to vote across polling booths in the 50 states.

In nearly every state, the victor of the state's popular vote gets all of the state's electors. Washington, D.C. also has three electoral votes.

The successful candidate must amass 270 electoral votes, an absolute majority of the 538 electors.

Electors are not legally bound to vote for the candidate that they have pledged to back in 24 states, but it would be highly unorthodox for an elector to go against the popular vote.

Each state was allocated electors equal in number to its congressional membership. Electors then meet in mid-December to officially cast one vote for president and one vote for vice president. Once the president of the Senate has received the ballots, the president will count all of the votes in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Anyone who already holds an office is not permitted to be an elector.

Well, maybe. And then, come November 9, there will be no difference for the losing candidate between getting 250 electoral votes or 150 - a loss is a loss. Congress created an electoral commission made up of five senators, five representatives, and five Supreme Court justices to determine the victor.

"When Election Day comes around (or, you know, early polling), voters are actually casting their vote for an elector - not the president. For those who do not wish to vote at all this election, I implore you to still turn out to vote, despite the disheartening presidential election". In the case of no candidate getting a majority vote, the decision of Vice President will be given to the Senate who must choose from the top two Vice Presidential candidates. But Reagan soared past Carter in the Electoral College: 489 electoral votes (91%of the total) to 49, for an EV inflation factor of 1.79. The responsibility for choosing the president shifted to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation cast one vote. "I think both parties could, for the Bush/Gore we would have lost that one but you notice in the Lower 48, there are basically seven battleground states, and those states decide the election".

"If it were to happen, the choice, unless political patterns have changed, would always be Republican because there are a large number of states with very little population who tend to be Republican while the majority of the country's population resides in ten states", said Skidmore.

The president and vice president are elected as a ticket, not separately.

An elector has only one duty - to elect a president. And in the lead-up to that year's election, with a Republican in the executive branch, Republicans tended to oppose the reform, illustrating a paradox that has helped keep the Electoral College in place.

And yet, the two Nates who are the best known political number crunchers (Nate Silver of and Nate Cohn of the New York Times,) now rate Clinton as 70.5 percent likely to win the presidency (Nate Silver) or 88 percent likely (Nate Cohn). Ford became president when Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal.

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