Manga Creator Eiichiro Oda Removing Sanji From Series? Chapters 845, 846

One Piece’ Chapter 844 Spoilers

Although, it seems like he had good reasons why he chose to attack the captain of the Strawhat Pirates in "One Piece" chapter 844.

"One Piece" chapter 844 saw Luffy and Nami finally reach Sanji with the goal of breaking him out of Big Mom's castle. As Luffy announced that he will be undergoing a hunger strike until Sanji comes back for him, the latter was able to drop down his uncaring face and started to worry for Luffy. Seeing that Sanji was crying, his sister Reiju had to ask if Sanji wanted to stop momentarily.

The upcoming chapter 845 of "One Piece" will feature the continuation of Sanji's act that he is no longer on Luffy's side, and will show the consequences of his actions in pretending as such. If Sanji is going to tell Luffy the real threat, he will have to deal with her first, and there is always the possibility of her escaping to warn Big Mom and the Vinsmokes of Luffy and Sanji's true intentions. Of course there is alway that possibility that Sanji might just change his mind and drop his disgusting act, as discussed in the following "One Piece" 845 spoilers and speculations. If Sanji went against his father's will, Vinsmoke Judge will Master Zeff.

Now that Luffy defeated Cracker, Big Mom will learn about it. Luffy knows for a fact that he never could defeat the Vinsmokes on his own, but will Sanji's involvement in all this change that?

Will Sanji Relent In Coming "One Piece" Chapter 845? Throughout his attacks, Sanji kept saying that he do not want to go back to the Strawhats, that he considers it an embarrassment to be associated with third-rate pirates. But as mentioned earlier, there will significant mysteries along the way, including Nami's desperate move of convincing Sanji not to fight Luffy.

A bigger concern is if creator Eiichiro Oda is getting ready to write Sanji out of "One Piece?" However, Luffy saw through his bluff calling Sanji a bad liar, and Luffy will not likely budge from this stance in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 845.

Meanwhile, before Sanji leaves with the Vinsmokes, Luffy makes him emotional by saying that he will not only wait for Sanji, but also starve to death, because he only consumes the food cooked by Sanji.

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