Single Player DLC For Uncharted 4 Could Debut At PlayStation Experience

Uncharted 4 Reveal At Play Station Experience

According to sources cited by LetsPlayVideoGames, the developer could showcase the highly anticipated Uncharted 4 story DLC for the first time at the PlayStation Experience 2016 (scheduled for December 3rd-4th in Anaheim, California).

Sony will also show off the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim at the event, as well as multiple PlayStation VR game demos.

A short collection of facts and secrets about Sony's wonderful Uncharted series.

LetsPlayVideoGames also has interviewed Troy Baker (who played Nathan Drake's resurfaced brother Samuel) at the MCM Comic Con London, who confirmed that the reveal will happen "pretty soon" and that it will be "by far the biggest story DLC Naughty Dog have ever done".

It was previously revealed that the Uncharted 4 solo DLC would be inspired in some way by Last of Us expansion Left Behind. "The site believes (spoilers ahead) that Cassie Drake, Nathan's daughter, could play a part in the story, though Baker noted, "(I) imagined (them) going on an adventure with Drake's daughter, what the writers came up with was far better than the ideas (they) could come up with".

The word is that Naughty Dog is now plot hunting for Uncharted 5 and it will take a long while before they can finalize the storyline of future Uncharted titles.

One can probably assume that the DLC will take place prior to the events of Uncharted 4 and may follow Sam and Nate's adventures before the two brothers got separated after the prison break that ended with Sam getting critically injured and left behind.

Uncharted 4 players have been treated to free maps, new guns, new boosters, new taunts, new skins, custom matches, custom loadout names and lots more.

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