New PS4 Bundle to Include No Man's Sky, for Some Unexplicable Reason

A man plays Sony Playstation's Farpoint Impulse Gear Virtual Reality game at the E3 Electronic Expo in Los Angeles

There is only one Sony PS4 bundle that features the new Sony PS4 Slim available.

The PS4 Pro, Sony's upgraded PlayStation 4 console, is out in just two weeks, but you'd hardly believe it given the lack of marketing Sony has had for it so far.

With the recent introduction of the much-awaited Nintendo Switch, it seems as if Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is getting more and more competitors. Still, this does not say that the PlayStation 4 Pro isn't a legitimately powerful console. Lead architect Mark Cerny added that these "take the PS4 experience to extraordinary new levels". On top of that Sony has released the Sony PlayStation VR. "DCC - which is short for delta color compression - is a roadmap feature that's been improved for Polaris".

The PS4 Pro will be released in the United Kingdom on November 10, for £350. While it is not an entirely new console, it is said to offer more effects, better textures, better framerates, and overall better visual output than the PS4. Not a bad deal, however, one of the bundles happens to include the dreaded No Man's Sky, a game that we've collectively come to refer as the biggest disappointment of 2016.

The console will exist close by the base "PS4 Pro" display, not supplant it - this one is directed for those with a 4K HDTV. A lot of analysts were banking on Sony cashing in with the PSVR, so we'll see if a collection of games like Battlezone working right proper will be enough to keep the sales momentum going through the holiday season and past the launch of the PS4 Pro. It will cost $399 in the U.S.

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