Jeremy Corbyn: We will not 'fan the flames of fear' on immigration

NewsPoliticsMedia attacks Corbyn as it fears a left-wing Labour victory claims Union Leader Joe Mellor26 Sep 2016

"Immigration is a good thing for the United Kingdom but what is not good is when people don't know about what numbers we have", she said.

They were asked the questions in a way that ensured that every order/combination showed up roughly an equal number of times. He's got the biggest majority of anybody since the Second World War.

Speakers include Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the Transport Salried Staffs' Association, Linda Taaffe, Waltham Forest Trades Council secretary and Tom Taylor, of Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party.

"Our manifesto was based on a simple premise, that at every step in a person's life when they need most support, that would be our priority for investment over the next five years".

Brighton and Hove have also been at the centre of the so-called battle for the Labour Party, with the "left" and "right" of the party at loggerheads.

Three months after Britain's vote to leave the European Union, fears in currency markets of a "Hard Brexit" that are expected to drive banks from London have knocked sterling to near its weakest levels in decades.

The Scotsman leads with the same story, saying that Labour's only MP, Ian Murray, has warned Mr Corbyn's backers risk "shutting down" the Scottish party.

"They had that referendum but in my view it does not give them a democratic mandate to put themselves into a locked room and do whatever the hell they like with our country", Emily Thornberry, Labour's foreign affairs and Brexit spokeswoman, told an event on the sidelines of its annual conference.

"It's why Jeremy Corbyn was right to take Theresa May to task on the Tories' awful record in his first PMQs after the summer".

He will say: "The central task for the whole Labour Party is to rebuild trust and support to win the next general election and form the next government".

Senior Labour figures pinned their hopes of a return to power on a local government fightback after Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as their party leader.

One billion barrels of oil could be abandoned under the North Sea because low oil prices make them too expensive to retrieve, says the Press and Journal.

After the first year in office bedevilled by allegations of anti-Semitism and online abuse among his supporters, the Labour leader also pledged "firm action" against intimidation and vowed to fight against "prejudice and hatred of Jewish people".

The speech follows Mr Corbyn's victory in Labour's recent leadership election and he will insist the party is now committed to the policies he set out during the contest, including creating a "national education service" and public control of services. "I have been embarrassed by the way things have gone on over the summer and I want us to come back together".

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